Gaza rioters
Gaza rioters Reuters

IDF aircraft fired at a Hamas position in the southern Gaza Strip this afternoon.

The attack took place after two terrorists approached the security fence in southern Gaza, placing an explosive device near it. The bomb exploded in the Gaza side and the fence was damaged. There are no casualties among our forces.

The political-security cabinet, which met yesterday for a four-hour discussion, decided to give another chance to a truce agreement with Hamas. Cabinet ministers decided to wait until the end of the week for Egyptian-mediated contacts and UN Middle East envoy Nikolai Mladanov.

Earlier, Education Minister Naftali Bennett referred to the situation in the south, saying at a Jewish Home faction meeting that "Hamas terrorists allow themselves to enter the territory of the State of Israel on a daily basis, to dismantle parts of the fence, to leave explosive charges, to fly flags, to burn our positions, and to throw explosive devices at our soldiers. Incendiary balloons are already part of the landscape in the southern skies.

"Gentlemen, this is a life threatening situation; policy is back and forth, cat and mouse, ping pong, you name it. So I want to say clearly: It's time to change direction; instead of opening and closing the fishing zone every day from three miles to six, we need to hit terrorists. Instead of sending and then not sending fuel to Gaza, terrorists must be prevented from entering Israel. Establish a clear rule: An infiltrating terrorist doesn't return," Bennett demanded.

"The time has come to move to an iron fist, to a true rightist policy. That simple, that powerful," Bennett said.

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