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Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu on Sunday evening criticized the leftist organization B’Tselem, as its Director is set to speak before the UN Security Council later this week.

During his remarks at the Christian Media Summit in Jerusalem, Netanyahu was asked about B’Tselem.

"How do I define B'Tselem? A disgrace. That's how I define them," he replied.

On Saturday it was announced that Hagai El-Ad, Director of B’Tselem, will appear before the United Nations Security Council this coming Thursday during its quarterly discussion about the Middle East.

The Bolivian Ambassador to the United Nations, who is also serving as President of the Security Council this month, invited El-Ad to address the Council during the debate, as a representative of civil society.

Israel’s UN Ambassador Danon blasted the move and said, “B’Tselem, which has already proven that it cooperates with Israel’s enemies, is now working with a country that has called IDF soldiers ‘murderers.’ This is a shame and a disgrace for the organization. It is also crossing a red line for foreign countries with anti-Israel agendas to finance and invite this organization to deliver ‘testimony’ against us.”

“Therefore, in this discussion, we will expose not only the lies and incitement of the Palestinians, but also those of Hagai El-Ad and B’Tselem. We will continue to defend Israel and the truth,” he added.

Two years ago, El-Ad appeared before the Security Council and blasted Israel’s “occupation” of Judea and Samaria.

El-Ad’s appearance was condemned by Netanyahu, who described B’Tselem at the time as a “delusional little organization” and later ordered that the national service law be amended so that it will no longer be possible to do national service with B'Tselem.

Israel’s response to El-Ad’s move was met with condemnation from the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the “Palestinian territories”.