Netanyahu at cabinet meeting this morning
Netanyahu at cabinet meeting this morning Hezki Baruch

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu opened the weekly cabinet meeting this morning, Sunday, by addressing the security situation in the south.

Netanyahu took advantage of the opportunity to issue threats against Hamas following the escalation of the situation along the Gaza Strip border during the past week.

"Hamas has apparently not understood the message: If they do not stop the attacks, they will be stopped in another way and it will be painful, very painful," Netanyahu said.

The prime minister added, "We are very close to activity of a different kind that will include very strong blows. If Hamas has any sense, it will stop the fire and the violent riots now."

At the meeting of Likud ministers, Netanyahu referred to the coalition crisis surrounding the draft law, saying, "The draft law is good, we have to put it behind us, and the coalition must continue to work."

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