Sergei Lavrov
Sergei Lavrov Reuters

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Wednesday warned Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu against changing the status quo of the Golan Heights, Sputnik reported.

According to Lavrov, "Any change in the status of the Golan Heights which comes without the United Nations Security Council's approval is a violation of existing agreements."

On Monday, Netanyahu stressed the importance of the Golan Heights to the State of Israel.

"We see today what is happening on the other side of the border, Iran's military buildup and the aggression of the terror fanatics, against which we will continue to stand firm and determined," he said.

"Israel on the Golan is a guarantee of the stability of the space around us. Israel's presence on the Golan is a fact that the international community must recognize, and as long as it depends on me, the Golan, will always remain under Israeli sovereignty, because otherwise we will accept Iran and Hezbollah on the shores of the Kinneret."

"Iran and Hezbollah are constantly trying to establish a force against us that will act against the Golan Heights and the Galilee, and as long as it depends on me, we will continue to thwart this. We will continue to act decisively against Iran's attempts to develop another front against us in the Golan and Syria and we will act against its attempts to deliver deadly weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon."

Emphasizing the close relationship between himself and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Netanyahu said, "I know that President Putin understands my commitment to Israel's security, and I know that he also understands the importance I attach to the Golan Heights, which we all attribute to the Golan Heights and the heritage of Israel."