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Former Deputy Foreign Minister and Israeli Ambassador to Washington, Danny Ayalon, told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday that the resignation announcement of Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, with President Donald Trump by her side, gives her momentum to be appointed to other senior positions.

"There were all sorts of rumors that she was overshadowing Trump, but we saw that this was not true. Trump said he would continue to consult with her and she could choose any role in the next administration if he is elected again in 2020," Ayalon said.

He added that he believes Haley’s resignation is a long-term strategic step. "Beyond the fact that she has small children and this is a very intense job, she is definitely leaving at her peak. After two years at the United Nations, she brought about a situation in which the United States is respected and its voice is heard. The US is returning to a leadership position. All of this gives her a springboard for a senior position in the next administration or even for the presidency, if not in 2020 then in 2024. She is young enough to think about the elections in 2024."

Ayalon pointed out that Haley was one of Israel's greatest friends, saying, "She withdrew the United States from the Human Rights Council, from UNESCO and from other bodies, and there is no doubt that it will be difficult to find a replacement for her. With great determination, she vetoed anti-Israeli resolutions in the Security Council, something which never happened during the Obama administration, and she also led to the disqualification of anti-Israel resolutions."

"Even in the UN General Assembly, despite the automatic Arab majority, she sounded her voice proudly. She convinced several other countries to join her and stood up alongside Israel in fighting against the boycott movements. There is no doubt that Nikki Haley will be remembered as having set a new legacy in which the US stands alongside Israel in an unprecedented manner," Ayalon concluded.

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