Riots on Gaza border
Riots on Gaza borderAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

Fathi Hamad, a member of the Hamas political bureau, said on Monday that the so-called “March of the Return” processions would continue until their goals are achieved.

The violent riots take place every Tuesday in an attempt to infiltrate the Israeli border by sea and on Fridays in an attempt to infiltrate the Israeli border by land.

Small-scale operations take place daily and during the night. The Palestinian Arabs view the processions of return as a war of attrition against Israel.

In last Friday’s riots, a mob of approximately 20,000 Gazans burned tires, threw bombs and grenades, and attempted to break through the border fence with Israel.

10 armed terrorists were able to break through the fence and were stopped by IDF forces.

Hamad called on Palestinian Arabs to increase violence against Israel, including by using weapons.

"The residents must carry their weapons and not hesitate in this matter and also attack in order to deal with Israel's crimes," he said.