Khan al-Ahmar
Khan al-Ahmar Hillel Meir/ TPS

The Regavim Movement responded on Wednesday to German Chancellor Angela Merkel's announcement that she would cancel her scheduled meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu if the illegal Bedouin outpost at Khan al-Ahmar is evacuated before the meeting begins.

Merkel is due to land in Israel Wednesday evening.

Regavim, an NGO dedicated to the preservation of Israel's resources and sovereignty, called on Netanyahu to suspend the evacuation, noting the significance of the meeting between him and Merkel.

"Netanyahu's meeting with Chancellor Merkel is an important opportunity that should not be missed – an opportunity to tell the Chancellor, 'Genug ist genug!' 'Enough is enough,'" Regavim's spokesperson said.

"Netanyahu must demand that Germany immediately stop the flow of funds to illegal Palestinian Authority activities, including the creation of illegal outposts such as Khan al-Ahmar.

"Just as the State of Israel does not interfere in Germany's immigration policy or its treatment of refugees, Germany must cease its hypocritical and brazen interference in Israel's internal affairs."

Khan al-Ahmar was built in the 1990s on land belonging to the Israeli town of Kfar Adumim, east of Jerusalem. The encampment is home to some 170 Bedouin, who have expanded the community in recent years with the aid of foreign governments.

Though the outpost's demolition was approved by Israeli courts, the Supreme Court in July froze plans to evacuate Khan al-Ahmar, pending an appeal by residents.

Israeli security forces had been preparing for the planned demolition, which was set to commence just hours before the court intervened.

In September, however, the Supreme Court ruled against the residents, rejecting their claims and clearing the way for Khan al-Ahmar’s evacuation and demolition.

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