Crowd celebrates terrorist's release
Crowd celebrates terrorist's release Flash 90

Knesset House Committee Chairman MK Miki Zohar (Likud) announced today that a bill would be introduced to prevent early release of convicted terrorists from civil courts in Israel.

The purpose of the proposal is to prevent the need to compare conditions of terrorists tried in Judea-Samaria military courts to conditions of terrorists tried in civil courts, as recently promised to the Supreme Court justices.

In the current situation, terrorists' trials are conducted in civil or military courts. As a result, there is a disparity in their eligibility to apply to the Prison Service parole board.

According to the bill, one convicted of terrorism will be absolutely denied right of access to the release committee, to prevent early release of terrorists and their collaborators.

MK Zohar explained, "It's inconceivable that the State of Israel would allow terrorists' punishments to be shortened, severely impairing its ability to deter terror. The current legal situation is very problematic and should be corrected as soon as possible to prevent cases where a terrorist convicted of assisting murder is released from prison after a third of his sentence."

Mickey Zohar
Mickey Zohar Flash 90