Bassem Eid
Bassem EidNitzan Kedar

Arab human rights activist Bassem Eid believes peace between Israel and the Arabs can exist only on the basis of economic cooperation.

Eid, who was part of an Israeli-Arab delegation that recently arrived at a special conference initiated by the Samaria Regional Council's foreign relations unit, told Arutz Sheva, "I live in the territories and know what people think. Most of the Palestinians are looking for respect and not identity - I see how many people are trying to get a job, to live, and raise their children with dignity."

European leaders, Eid continued, have embraced a false vision of the conflict, as well as the needs of Palestinian Authority residents: "We need to explain to European Parliament members the true picture, and we must make it clear to them that it's forbidden to use Palestinians for political purposes. Unfortunately, Europe is still impervious to our message, but we're trying to appear in its institutions and stimulate their thoughts. I hope you'll be an attentive ear to our important message."

And what about the Arab MKs who constantly say they also represent the Palestinian population beyond the Green Line? Eid dislikes them. "They don't represent the interests of the Palestinians, they were chosen by the Israeli Arabs and not by the residents of the West Bank or East Jerusalem. The Arab Knesset members don't represent me; I live in the Palestinian population and have nothing to do with the Joint List in the Israeli Knesset."

"הפלסטינים מחפשים כבוד, לא זהות"ניצן קידר