Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman on Tuesday published a video clip for Rosh Hashanah that aroused fierce indignation.

In the video, Krav Maga Academy in New York owner Matan Gavish who inspired the Sacha Baron Cohen character Eran Morad, the Israeli colonel played on his show Who is America?

In one of the clips Gavish laughingly tells Liberman how to "identify a terrorist" when faced with a woman dressed in a burqa.

Gavish proposes that Minister Liberman imitate Baron Cohen's crude suggestion to photograph under the burqa with a selfie stick "like you do with a car, under the burka."

The video clip aroused intense upset among the women's organizations, who attacked the Defense Minister claiming the video sexually humiliated women.

Association of Rape Crisis Centers Director Orit Solitziano said: "The choice of Defense Minister Liberman to present an act of sexual humiliation of Muslim women as a blessing for the new year is a twisted one."

The Defense Minister's office said in response: "This is a humorous video for the New Year and that's how it should be treated."

Liberman apparently has an affinity for Baron Cohen's humor. He recently tweeted a whimsical proposal for an unique diplomatic initiative whereby the comedian might penetrate Europe's "madness" vis-à-vis Iran.

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