Maximum security prison in Israel
Maximum security prison in Israel Flash 90

Tamer Shukat Ahmad Hadeer was convicted for attempted murder on Sunday, nearly three years after he stabbed an Israeli at Ariel Junction in Samaria.

The attack took place about three years ago, when Ehud Hertz, a paratrooper who fought in Operation Protective Edge, was standing at a hitchhiking post at the Ariel junction. According to the indictment, Hadeer had decided to carry out a stabbing attack "with the intention of causing the death of an Israeli citizen by means of a knife with an 11 cm blade." The terrorist hid the knife in his clothes and advanced to the Ariel junction, where he noticed Hertz and decided to stab him to death.

When Hertz arrived, Hadeer kicked him and knocked him to the ground, and began to repeatedly stab him in his body, chest, and shoulders before fleeing the scene. IDF soldiers launched a manhunt and cordoned off several villages before finding Hadeer in nearby Marda.

Hertz was rushed to the Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva with stab wounds to his upper body, damage to the right wrist and injuries to the face. According to the indictment, "the accused attempted to cause his death by the intention."

Following the conviction, Hertz said that, "The court's decision to convict the terrorist who stabbed me in a just and proper murder attempt is clear to me that the terrorist stabbed me in order to kill.

"I expect the State of Israel and the legal system to be responsible for protecting the citizens of Israel," he said. The state, and to allow them to conduct their daily lives comfortably and unharmed. "