Avi Balot becomes military secretary
Avi Balot becomes military secretary IDF spokesperson

A new Brigadier General, Col. Avi Balot received his promotion at a festive ceremony held at the Kirya (Tel Aviv District Government center) as he assumes the title of military secretary to the prime minister.

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot described Balot as “an excellent officer who carried out all major roles” who is fit for the position.

"The military secretary to the prime minister is a very sensitive and unique role,” noted Eizenkot.

“Due to the responsibility and direct sacrifice of a military official to the prime minister, a person or an officer who fulfills the role is immensely important.”

Balot served as commander of the commando unit in the past year and will replace Brigadier General Eliezer Toledano, who served as military secretary to the prime minister over the past three years and will assume his position as commander of the Gaza division.

"I think that you Eliezer, have brought deep intelligence, courage and a backbone,” Eizenkot said. “You have been a loyal representative of the IDF and the security services of the Prime Minister.”

Avi Balot also shared words of gratitude and praise for Toledano for helping him with the transition process.

Eliezer, thank you very much for the direct, sharp, professional and quick on-the-job training,” Balot said.

“Your fingerprints are visible in every corner I've reached during training, both with you and without you,” he added. “It is very clear that you have made a significant impact on this position.”