Deputy Commissioner Guy Nir
Deputy Commissioner Guy NirYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Deputy Commissioner Guy Nir addressed Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, demanding that senior officers be investigated in the Gal Hirsch case.

Hirsch led the IDF's Galilee Division during the Second Lebanon War in 2006. After the war ended, he was strongly criticized for his performance and resigned from the military. For the past few years he has overseen the Israel Leadership Institute and the security company Defensive Shield Holdings, Ltd.

Nir, who once headed the police's powerful intelligence division, has been fighting the police force, which he alleges is riddled with corruption. Nir has been on leave from the force for over a year and is currently negotiating a deal with the State Attorney in which he will hand over a slew of incriminating material in exchange for immunity from the various police investigations into his affairs.

Attorney Michael Dvorin, Nir's attorney, unraveled the affair on Erel Segal and David Vertheim's program on Radio 103fm.

"On Thursday, Shai Nitzan gave a third or fourth version in an Interior Committee hearing regarding the check that led to the investigation against Gal Hirsch, claiming everything was done with approval and authority of Attorney General Weinstein.

"Anyone can deduce by themselves what the simple truth is and what's nitpicking. More than that, we'll say that Shai Nitzan doesn't present himself without presenting written evidence that the third investigation really exists. Mr. Nir has evidence that there was no third investigation," said attorney Dvorin and added, "We contacted the Attorney General to ask him to appoint someone or an independent body before whom all the evidence will be presented, and it'll be clear to everyone how Gal Hirsch's appointment was thwarted."

Dvorin continued, "The police are trying to silence this story and block the exposure of corruption. Deputy Commissioner Nir, a man who has receipts from here to Ra'anana, a very precise man who works only with evidence, and doesn't confuse matters. If the police have something to say or present then, please.

"It should be said that the State Comptroller is authorized to issue protection orders for whistleblowers, but not for police. Therefore Nir will receive the protection order from the court or the Attorney General, and the materials will be presented to the authorities. It's very unfortunate that Shai Nitzan, who's another part of the law enforcement system, chose the side of Meni Yitzhaki despite all the evidence, but I promise you that the truth will come out."