Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon
Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Finance Minister and Kulanu faction head Moshe Kahlon said that he was not opposed to early elections being held over Conscription Law.

Kahlon's remarks come as Prime Minister Netanyahu has told the haredi parties that he will dissolve the government if the coalition cannot come to an agreement regarding legislation expanding military draft deferments for yeshiva students. The Shas and UTJ parties are currently at loggerheads with Yisrael Beytenu, which is pushing for a less lenient conscription bill.

"I do not see how this circle can be squared," Kahlon told Ynet. "Litzman says, 'If you do not change it, I will leave [the coalition]..' Lieberman says, 'If you change it, I will leave.' I believe both of them, so I see that we are coming to the beginning of the session and dissolving the Knesset. "

Kahlon added that "I think that politically, no one wants to go to elections because of the conscription law, everyone prefers to roll this hot potato into the next term. Politically, I don't care. I am committed to the coalition agreements."

"We are currently in September, and soon we are finishing the [coalition's] fourth year - and it could be that the time has come ... After all, there is an end to everything - four years is a beautiful period - and we can go to elections"