Brit milah (circumcision) ceremony (illustration)
Brit milah (circumcision) ceremony (illustration) Flash 90

Danish Health Minister Ellen Trane Norby on Sunday said that the Danish government would work to combat a bill proposing to ban circumcision in the country.

Earlier this year, a petition calling for a ban on male circumcision in Denmark went to parliament after organizers amassed more than the 50,000 signatures required to bring it to a vote.

In a letter to European Jewish Association Chairman Rabbi Menachem Margolin, Norby wrote, "The Danish government is in close contact with the Danish Jewish community regarding this issue, and will remain that way. You can be sure that the Jewish community's perspective is known to the government."

She also noted that there are other aspects to circumcision as well, such as the child's welfare and health. The current government, she emphasized, will have no hand in banning the ancient Jewish tradition.

Rabbi Margolin has worked to prevent circumcision bans from passing in Denmark, Norway, Germany and other European Union member states.