An airline worker who on Friday evening stole a plane from the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport died when the plane crashed on Ketron Island.

The 29-year-old man, who was employed as a ground services worker at Horizon Air, was a resident of Washington state's Pierce County. He told air traffic controllers that he was "broken," had "a few screws loose," and wanted to do a "couple maneuvers." He also emphasized that he "don't want to hurt no one."

"I've got a lot of people that care about me, and it's going to disappoint them to hear that I did this," he said. "I would like to apologize to each and every one of them."

During his hour-long-flight, the man did several large loops and other stunts.

Recordings of the conversation show that air control suggested he land at McChord Field, but the pilot checked if McChord was aware of that suggestion, saying he might "mess some stuff up."

Though F-15s followed the plane, they were not involved in its crash.

On Saturday, Horizon Air CEO Gary Beck told reporters, "We don’t know how he learned to do that." He added that "to our knowledge he did not have a pilot's license" but praised the employee's "incredible" maneuvers.

The FBI has opened an investigation. However, they said the incident does not appear to be terror-related.