Air strike in Gaza
Air strike in Gaza Reuters, archive

On Thursday, IDF fighter jets completed a strike on several military targets in Gaza, including a military compound belonging to the eastern Rafah Battalion, an offensive terror tunnel shaft located west of Jabalia, and two Hamas combat tunnels located adjacent to the beach in central Gaza.

In a statement, the IDF said its "operational, technological, and intelligence effort used to identify and prevent terror tunnels since Operation 'Protective Edge' has been very intense, [especially] in the past year."

These efforts, the statement said, "are ultimately bearing fruit."

"These efforts will continue until the current offensive threat of the enemy terror tunnels will end."

The statement also noted that, "the IDF's wide-scale attacks destroyed approximately 150 of Hamas' strategic military targets and delivered a severe blow to the terror organization's capabilities."

"Hamas is responsible for all events transpiring in the Gaza Strip and emanating from it, and will bear the consequences for its hostile activity aimed at Israeli civilians.

"The IDF is prepared for a range of scenarios and is determined to fulfill its mission of protecting Israeli civilians."

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