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Veteran radio broadcaster Uri Revach was called yesterday for a talk with the program director of the religious Kann Moreshet radio station, following his reading of a letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe on his program last Saturday evening.

As part of the public debate on gender disorientation "pride" events Revach, known to the public as a Chabad Chasid, read a letter the Rebbe wrote to a young man perplexed by his sexual inclinations.

In the letter, the Rebbe makes clear in a series of points that it is not a "natural" or irreversible tendency, but rather a matter that can be treated.

Among other things the Rebbe writes to the disoriented young man, "Although all blessings derive from G-d, man must do what is required within the natural order. With regard to this problem, you certainly know about doctors and psychiatrists who treat it and who have succeeded in many cases. I know of a number of cases of people who had this problem but in the end they overcame it, married, and established families."

The program producer upon hearing the letter experienced feelings of hurt and complained to his superiors. Complaints also arrived from listeners reporting mental distress resulting from the letter's presentation.

As a result Revach was summoned for a talk in which the complaints on the subject were noted. Company sources, however, say this was not a reprimand.

Revach's friends say that he feels completely comfortable with having read the letter and that, in his opinion, the role of a religious radio station is to voice Torah wisdom in all aspects of life.

Uri Revach
Uri Revach Picture credit: Nati Shohat/Flash90
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