Cave of the Patriarchs
Cave of the PatriarchsGershon Elinson, Flash 90

Over a hundred Likud movement members signed a petition calling on Israeli Prime Minister Binaymin Netanyahu to make the Cave of the Patriarchs (Me'arat Hamachpelah) accessible to those with disabilities.

Among the signatories are the heads of the Likud youth, the liberal group, and regional council heads in Judea and Samaria.

Though Israel has proposed to make the historic site accessible, the city council, run by the Palestinian Authority, has refused to approve any construction at the site.

"There is no need to explain at length how important, religiously and nationally, it is to make the Cave of the Patriarchs accessible to the Jewish nation," the petition reads. "This is the second-holiest building, which according to tradition is the entrance to the Garden of Eden."

"Politically and nationally as well - in 2010, you, Mr. Prime Minister, designated this site as a national heritage site, and UNESCO has also designated it as such.

"Over a million and a half people arrive here each year: Jews, Arabs, Christians, and tourists. Despite this, the site is completely locked to the disabled and elderly populations. There are over 100 difficult and tiring stairs, which cannot be skipped, in order to reach the site."

The petitioners added that, "this is a humanitarian issue which screams for help. It's simple human rights. It is inconceivable that the rights of disabled citizens will be harmed because of a fear of bureaucracy or laziness. We must prove that we are a country which takes care of every citizen. We call on you to act immediately to solve this humanitarian issue, which affects all nations and sectors of the population."