Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's wife Sara Netanyahu conveyed a message of support to Israel's LGBTQ community amid the controversy over the surrogacy law.

Mrs. Netanyahu was asked about her feelings towards the LGBTQ community's struggle to change the surrogacy law to allow same-sex couples to obtain State funding to pay for surrogate mothers while attending an event of her friend Sandra Rigler.

"I think our country is very advanced, and it's only getting progressing," the prime minister's wife said in response to the questions.

"I'm not elected. I'm not the head of state. But I can tell you that you're in his heart," she added.

Netanyahu noted that she had personally worked in the past to help members of the community. "I think everyone in the community knows how much I help them."

"I helped a couple bring their children from India, and I helped many helped when I was in Nepal, and really, behind the scenes I am very supportive and helpful," she said.

Finally, Netanyahu noted that the prime minister also supports the LGBTQ community's struggle: "The prime minister is also very supportive, and we have to give him time and patience, and everything will be fine."