Sheikh Muafak Tarif
Sheikh Muafak Tarif Flash 90

Druze community in Israel leader Sheikh Muafak Tarif responds to the rabbis' letter against gender disorientation organizations (GDOs) saying in his opinion the remonstration was worthy.

"It's a religious matter; every person shall live according to his faith. Religiously speaking, we are not allowed to do it," the sheikh said in an interview with Mendy Reizel on Radio 101.5FM.

"We live in a democratic state, we express our position, not by force. We say what's permitted and what's forbidden, every person chooses what he wants." Sheikh Tarif added.

In his opinion, the rabbis expressed themselves in the most correct manner. "Just as each side seeks to fight for its position, so do the rabbis, who are loyal to preserving religion and religious values ​​and fighting for their position. They tell people what's permitted and what's forbidden. They have been designated by G-d to preserve religion and preserve basic values. Whoever attacks them - I think they're wrong."

Druze leaders paying respects to mourning Rabbi Shalom Cohen
Flash 90

IDF soldiers waving Israeli and Druze flags

IDF soldier with Druze flag

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