Anita Tucker
Anita Tucker Hezki

Moskowitz Prize for Zionism winner Anita Tucker, who was expelled from her home in Netzer Hazani in Gaza during the Disengagement in 2005, spoke with Arutz Sheva about her feelings 13 years after the expulsion.

"I lived in the Gush for 30 years. I had children and grandchildren there, and I hoped that my great-grandchildren would also be born there. I was a farmer and raised vegetables and fruit. 13 years ago they destroyed my home and today when I see the situation in the Gaza Strip I feel sorry for the Arabs who would love to get rid of Hamas," said Tucker.

From a security standpoint, what would you like them to do in Gaza so that there will be quiet?

"Everyone understands that there is an enemy who wants only to murder and destroy Jews, so we have to get rid of them. I am not a security woman, but you have to clean the area of ​​those people who want to kill Israeli citizens."

Are not you angry at the residents of the Gaza vicinity who during the disengagement period demonstrated against you?

"During the deportation, they demonstrated against us and today they understand that they made a mistake. In my opinion, most of them would like us to go back and rebuild the bloc. I would be the first to return to Gush Katif and to rebuild everything that was destroyed. Three months ago, I visited the Gaza perimeter, and we all agreed that the situation would not change and that we must clean up the area so that the residents of the State of Israel can live in peace and quiet in the Gaza perimeter and throughout the country."

When you hear soldiers who took part in the deportation and today express remorse - many of whom were only acting as emissaries of the government - do you forgive them?

"Everyone has to have a red line and should not say 'they sent me' [as an excuse]. I will not tell anyone what his red line should be, but it should exist."

Did your grandchildren serve in the army?

"All of them have served, and one just completed service in an elite unit recently. This is my country and no one is going to take it away from me.

Tucker is furious at the decision to allow Gilad Sharon, the son of former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, who formulated and carried out the disengagement, to run for the Likud party. "I do not care about Sharon or the media that is enlisted, but about the same group that is behind them, a group of PR people who use money coming from outside [the country]. Their goal is to liquidate he Jewish and Zionist enterprise in the State of Israel. At the time of the deportation, I asked one of the recognized public relations officers to work for us for $ 20,000, and he told me, 'Sharon pays 10 times what you are offering, I will not take the money because you have no chance.'"

Tucker and her family still live in the temporary trailer site together with their friends from Netzer Hazani despite the many years that have passed. and are working to strengthen the community in an attempt to overcome the many obstacles and succeed in rebuilding a permanent community.

"There was no solution to the homes for every settler. They wanted to spread us throughout the State of Israel in order to harm Zionism, and those who did not want us in the Gush wouldreceive the deportees throughout the State of Israel."

Did the State of Israel learn the lesson of the Disengagement?

"Today, with everything that is happening in Gaza, I think we understand the situation today."