Attorney Mark Zell, chairman of the Republican Party in Israel, is not concerned by the publication of a videotape of a conversation between US President Donald Trump and his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, which was exposed by CNN.

"It's a tempest in a teacup. CNN wants to attack and humiliate the president every day. I listened to the tape and did not hear anything really relevant there," Zell said in an interview with Arutz Sheva.

"There is a recording of a conversation between Trump and attorney Cohen, whom I know, and it is not clear from the recordings that were broadcast just what is involved," he said.

He notes that the American public has spoken in the elections, even though there are those who find it difficult to make the decision. "The American public recognizes and knows who President Trump is and what his background is. These are things that happened many years ago, and the voters knew them and yet they chose Trump over Hillary Clinton."

"The importance of this tape is minor. The public knows the shortcomings of the president and knows that he may not be an example of a model family man, but as a leader. He proved his ability to lead the US and bring it back to prominence. He is a president who promises and delivers, and that's what's important," concluded Zell.

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