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Natzeret Illit resident Linoy Ben Yishai described how she was attacked by an Arab who violently entered her car.

"I finished my shift at 10 PM in the 'Big' store in Nazareth and got into my car. An Arab broke in, began to strangle me and hit me," Ben Yishai recalled, "I didn't even have time to react to the situation ... He strangled me so much I almost lost consciousness."

Ben Yishai tried to defend herself, "I beat him in the face and stuck my fingers into his eyes to leave me alone. After he got scared because I fought back he started telling me to take him, that they're chasing him and he needed help and he started saying he had a knife and he wouldn't use it if I took him."

Because of the immediate fear of her life, Ben Yishai began to drive with the Arab sitting next to her in the car. "I took him with me in the car out of fear; I was helpless, alone, it was dark, there was no one. I didn't know what to do. I left the Big and tried to motion to the guard that I was in distress but he didn't understand me. I didn't know what to do.

"From the pressure I continued driving him because I was afraid he'd hurt me. At first he asked me to take him to Yafia, that's a village after Nazareth. After we passed Yafia, I asked him to get out of the car and then he started to say that I should take him to Nilit, a factory located in a remote industrial area in a forest."

At this stage, Ben Yishai began to fear that the Arab wanted to rape her. "I began to understand the situation and decided to act because I knew that if I didn't try to do something for myself, he'd hurt me.

"Then he started to tell me that he had a knife and held it against me ... I kept my cool and told him, 'Well, I'll do anything you want, just give me a second to calm down.' At the same moment I released my seat belt, picked up the handbrakes and ran out of the car because I saw behind me a car and I wanted to signal him to help me."

The passing vehicle stopped near Ben Yishai, but in the meantime the Arab fled to the other end of the forest. "I ran into my car and drove to the nearest police station in Migdal HaEmek.

"The police said it was a miracle, that these cases always end badly, that if I hadn't acted with resourcefulness I would have been missing. I recommends that all girls always always go with an escort because you never know when it'll catch you. It's just a horror film."