Danon and Haley
Danon and Haley Eliran Aharon

The UN Economic and Social Council on Tuesday discussed an anti-Israeli resolution condemning "the social and economic consequences of the Israeli occupation."

The resolution adopted a report accusing Israel of delaying the return of the bodies of terrorists and completely ignoring the holding of several civilians the bodies of Israeli soldiers by Hamas.

In response to the decision, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, led a counter-move in recent weeks, in which an amendment was proposed to the proposal calling for the immediate release of the civilians and the return of the bodies of Hamas-held soldiers in Gaza.

In light of the Israeli-American move, the European Union proposed a new amendment that "condemns the holding of dead bodies and calls for the release of bodies that have not yet been returned to their families in accordance with international law, in order to ensure the closure of a dignified circle according to religious beliefs and tradition." Following a stormy discussion at the committee, the European amendment was adopted and the amended decision was passed by a majority of forty-five supporters, two against and two abstentions.

Ambassador Danon said at the end of the committee discussion: "Even if the UN proves time after time that it can not condemn Hamas, the rules of the game have changed. We will respond to disrespectful slurs and anti-Israeli decisions appropriately and will submit counter-proposals. Just as today's discussion was ultimately about the crimes of Hamas and not the Palestinian lies, we remind the United Nations each time of its original purpose."

Earlier, Danon said, "For four years, Hamas has been brutally killing civilians and the bodies of Israeli soldiers and denying their families any information about their situation in violation of international law ... The UN must condemn the crimes of the Hamas terrorist organization and call for the immediate release of the bodies of soldiers and civilians held in Gaza."

US Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, expressed support Tuesday for Israel's policy in the south in the Security Council debate on the Middle East Tuesday.

"The world media is focused on Israel, we have to pay attention to the damage done to Israel," Haley said in reference to the phenomenon of kite terrorism. "This is cheap, but anyone who talks here is not responsible for the education of even one Palestinian child," the ambassador added, adding that swastikas also appeared on some of the kites."

Referring to US aid to the Palestinian Authority, Haley said: "When we reach out, we expect that they will not bite it, and the Palestinians reject the peace proposal that they have not even seen yet."

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