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Equality Busters Association Chairwoman Naama Zarbiv, whose goal is to promote discourse on femininity, motherhood, and family in Israel, directs sharp criticism at gender disorientation organizations' protest over what they see as their right to surrogacy for same-gender couples.

"The struggle for surrogacy is led by people who see the woman as a body rather than substance, so that according to their logic any woman's womb may be used. We say there's a feminine essence, motherhood, and family. A woman isn't a technical thing to play with.

"A woman was born with the ability to be pregnant, and that's not a technical thing, she has feminine characteristics. We don't want to be men, not in combat and not in employment; we're women. We want our essence back, our femininity."

Zarbiv wonders how there are women who are willing to establish a family unit without women. ''It's insane. Everywhere they want equality, and here they created something unequal. Two women cannot use a third woman's womb either. Family is only a woman and a man, I respect their desire for children but it's not family.

"The fact that I can bring life into this world is a special power that women have and men don't, and that has to placed in the foreground. If a woman chooses not to have children, it's shocking; she thinks it's a burden and she doesn't understand that it's something blessed, it's a great gift to be a mother and that's something you mustn't miss, not because of a career and not because of work."

She says today women think they must choose a career and give up motherhood. "The one who chooses to be a mother gets eyebrows raised at her but she doesn't accept all the assumptions. In films about gender, you'll find pictures of children hanging onto their mother as if it's a kind of burden for a woman's career."

Zarbiv believes that even though they are a minority, they will eventually win. "The power of truth is strong; in the end of every woman knows what her powers are, and every woman who brought a child understands what a huge thing it is to raise a baby and whoever would pass him on to another person does a horrid injustice. This voice is missing in the discourse and we call on all to join us."