Judy Nir Moses Shalom
Judy Nir Moses Shalom Hadas Parush/Flash90

Media personality Judy Nir Moses is not moved by the sexual harassment controversy in the Zionist Union, and is certain that MK Eitan Broshi did not intend to sexually harass MK Ayelet Nahmias-Verbin when he touched her rear end during a party tour of a Gaza border town.

"To whimper, to complain, to exaggerate? He did not sexually harass her. It was a friendly gesture. In the end, men will be afraid to enter the elevator with us and stop flattering us," said Nir Moses on Radio 103FM.

The incident occurred during a Zionist Union party tour of the town of Be'eri in the Gaza periphery. Party members informed Labor Chairman Avi Gabbay of the incident, and Broshi was asked to apologize.

During a conversation between Broshi and Nahmias-Verbin, Broshi apologized and the two agreed to put the incident behind them.

"I apologized immediately," Broshi said. "A gesture which was supposed to be friendly came out the complete opposite. The moment I realized my mistake, I apologized from the depths of my heart."

"After debating, I accepted Broshi's apology despite the distress it caused me," Nahmias-Verbin said. "I am sure he understood the gravity of his actions."