Matan Peleg
Matan Peleg Hillel Meir/ TPS

The Zionist Im Tirtzu organization responded on Wednesday to an incident in which terrorists' families attacked the bereaved families of terror victims.

In the Tuesday incident, which occurred during a Supreme Court hearing on whether terrorists' bodies should be returned to their families or used as a bargaining chip to release captive Israelis, relatives of terrorists shouted at bereaved family members of terror victims.

The physical attacks on terror victims' families began when Supreme Court security guards removed both sides from the courtroom. Later, the guards took the victims' families into the empty courtroom in order to protect them from the terrorists' families.

Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg, who accompanied the families to the hearing, said: "If you needed more proof that the families of terrorists support acts of terror, this was it. A reality in which bereaved families are attacked in Israel's High Court of Justice by the families of terrorists cannot be tolerated. It is a disgrace."

Israel Hayom quoted Herzl Hajaj, the bereaved father of murdered IDF soldier Shir Hajaj, said, "They started attacking us, and at one point they attacked my wife, Merav. They told another bereaved father that they would kill him."

"You wouldn't believe that this [is happening] in the State of Israel. I felt like we were in Gaza. It's an embarrassment. They just locked us in a hall in order to stop the attackers."

Mako quoted Hajaj as adding, "This is an absurd incident unlike any other. You do not need to allow a family which is proud of and educated its children to hate and murder Israelis to have an honorable burial place. That's a prize for terrorism. Every terrorist's body needs to be thrown into the sea, like the US did with the body of Osama bin Laden."

Merav Hajaj said, "They came en masse, men, women, and children. We were cursed, spat at, they yanked our hair, they slapped us. They murdered my little girl. My little girl is dead. These are the families that handed out candies when our children were murdered."