Islamic Movement march in Umm al-Fahm
Islamic Movement march in Umm al-Fahm Muammar Awad/Flash 90

Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon announced during the Kulanu faction meeting Monday the decision of the Political-Security Cabinet to allocate a large budget for the defense of the home front.

"Less than an hour ago, we completed a Political-Security Cabinet meeting on the issue of protecting the home front, and we approved funding for the multi-year plan. The project will be under the Home Front Command and it will guide implementation professionally, and NIS 500 million will be transferred immediately for 2018 and 2019," Kahlon said.

"The plan will include the protection of public buildings, hospitals, educational institutions, public shelters and the state's participation in the construction of buildings The plan will be integrated with the Home Front Command and will include preparedness for earthquakes and missile defense.

"We will begin to work on preparing laws that will facilitate regulation and bureaucracy," Kahlon said, "We will set up an immediate team to implement these plans, and the cabinet's decision is that within 21 days we will bring the source of the NIS 500 million. The committee that discusses the rest of the budget will bring plans to the cabinet in 60 days."

Kahlon explained his support for the Nationality Law. "We were concerned to continue to be the state party that upholds the law and the Supreme Court. We were involved in the Nationality Law in order to bring it to a place that would preserve a Jewish state, but also a democratic one."

"I personally think that the Nationality Law is an excellent law," Kahlon said. "We support a Jewish state and I have said this not once: Even today, at the price of a occupant, I am putting 100 percent of the apartments in Arab villages for sale to the residents of the village for two reasons: security and social reasons. I do not want people to enter Umm el-Fahm to cause a provocation and 100 percent of the apartments in [the Jewish Quarter of] Hevron and Beit El are for Jews

As for the issue of leaks from Security Cabinet meetings, Kahlon said: "I am personally in favor of anything that will prevent leaks, deter and punish those who need to be punished.