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International experience is becoming a leading quality for job candidates, with Israel ranking high for English speakers looking for a quality education geared towards their specific needs and goals.

One of Israel’s institutions that accommodates such English speakers is the College of Law and Business (CLB) in Ramat Gan. CLB offers a bilingual law program and a business program taught fully in English. One of the things that makes CLB stand out is that students can combine the two for a dual B.A. degree in Law (LL.B.) and Business Administration.

Whether you choose to take one or go down the dual degree path, they both offer important international experiences, like legal internships, student exchange programs, courses and competitions.

Prof. Yaad Rotem, Dean of the Faculty of Law at CLB explains, “Our students graduate with a strong grasp of the Hebrew language including a high level of legal terminology. That, combined with English as their mother tongue, makes them top candidates for leading Israeli law firms.”

Prof. Rotem goes on to point out another distinctive element of the program, “We offer a platform that no other school in Israel is offering to English speaking law students. Our program allows the students to start studying completely in English, and at the same time immerse themselves in Hebrew. We also offer our 4th year law students an option to study their final semester in the US and get their master’s as well as their bachelor’s degree in law. We’ve had students go on to study in top law schools like Berkeley, George Washington and Columbia.”

“Our vision is to teach our students to think globally. This is a vital aspect of succeeding in the business and legal fields.” says Roei Duani, Director of International Relations & Resource Development at CLB, “We have built into the framework of our program international experience and global exposure via short term courses.”

These short term courses are taught both outside Israel and on campus: just last week, students attended a weekend course on comparative law at Freie University in Berlin. Right now, there is a week long course being offered to business students in Chongqing, China.

The college also invites top professors from Germany, China, India and the US to teach courses in their field of expertise. Currently Lisa Bernstein from University of Chicago Law School is a guest professor at CLB.

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Emanuel Movtady, a student from Great Neck, NY, admits that the professors are a huge part of his positive experience at CLB, “I'm really impressed. Aside from being some of the top professors in the country, the personal attention is bar none, the best!”

The CLB’s undergraduate degree in Business Administration focuses on global innovation and entrepreneurship. It provides students with three key elements: innovation, practical thinking and interactive learning. Students are taught how to think strategically, on their feet and how to approach problems in a practical way, through case studies, classes with guest speakers and industry leaders, and projects with startup companies, while also working with others on their own start-up idea.

Prof. Gal Raz, Dean of CLB’s Business school, explained, “While many schools in the undergraduate level focus on tactical models and theory in each individual area of business such as marketing, finance, and operations, we center on training students to think about the big picture and make decisions while taking all the interdisciplinary elements of business into account. A degree in business is all about making decisions given the data you have. We teach our students to function in an information-rich environment, process the situation efficiently, and react effectively. The goal is to train students how to think like managers and therefore we don't focus on the theory but rather on the decision itself and how the different business models and tools can help you make that strategic decision.”

CLB’s graduates are among the highest earners in Israel for a good reason: the college provides its students with excellent academic programs which prepare them properly for a prosperous future. Emanuel contends that “The ‘hands-on’ factor of the education at CLB is unparalleled. They challenge you while you’re still in school to deal with the realities of living in a high pressure business world. The business program has an incubator for 2nd and 3rd year students that teaches us how to develop ideas and tips on how to formulate a successful pitch.”

Whether you’re interested in taking active part in shaping the future as an entrepreneur, scholar, practitioner of law, or anything in between, CLBs innovative and personal attention approach to studying is something to take into serious consideration.

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