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Uri Ariel Flash 90

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) has been threatened by animal rights activists in light of his opposition to the bill banning live deliveries of animals from abroad for slaughter, which was approved on Sunday by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation.

Minister Ariel filed an appeal against the bill, and therefore it will not be brought up until a hearing in the government plenum. The bill is designed to reduce the suffering caused to hundreds of thousands of animals brought to Israel alive to be slaughtered.

One of the activists wrote on the Facebook page of the Agriculture Minister: "Uri Ariel you are a real scoundrel and heartless. I've never felt so ashamed about a man. I wish for you to be a lamb in the transports of live animals in your next life."

"You are to be judged for your crimes against this world and all its inhabitants - you will pay, and I wish that the price would match how terrible you are," another activist wrote. "Filthy scum, a devil under the guise of a human being, who enjoys the suffering and blood flows from an animal carcass."

One activist wished Ariel "all the disasters of the world for the suffering caused by you to live animals. You are Satan, devil, unclean trash. Your name and your seed's name should be cursed. You should forever eat of bitterness and lose all that is dear to you because of the suffering of the animals. I wish upon you the suffering of the world because of your cruelty to animals. Darkness will remain in your home forever. "

Another activist threatened Ariel's life. "Do you know why you are still alive? We have not finished building the hell you deserve because of the cruelty to animals that you cause and support."

Minister Ariel explained his opposition to the bill banning live shipments of animals to slaughter since in the modern world, cattle are transported from various countries around the world as a matter of routine, and there are clear procedures for honoring their welfare.

According to Ariel,: "Canceling the transportation of the meats will lead to an increase in the price of meat by tens of percentage points, and will cause harm to many Israeli citizens from the start. We have two clear interests in mind: On the one hand, lowering the cost of living, and on the other, reducing animal imports to Israel and maintaining animal welfare."

"We are following the consumption of meat in Israel, and in the past year I have witnessed an increase in the consumption of meat - Israelis love meat! Therefore, such a move would harm many civilians. We recently approved the importation of frozen meat in order to reduce the importation of the [live animals] to Israel," said the minister.

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