Aryeh King
Aryeh King Eliran Baruch

A debate was held yesterday in the Knesset Internal Affairs Committee on the volume of illegal construction in the Arab sector throughout the country.

During the discussion, the chairman of the Unified Faction, Jerusalem City Councilor Aryeh King, who deals with land redemption in eastern Jerusalem, stressed that there is a steady increase in the scope of illegal construction among eastern Jerusalem Arabs.

"The Arabs in East Jerusalem are chastising the law enforcement authorities and the supervisory bodies in the Jerusalem municipality, celebrating illegal construction and there is no one to stop them," King said. "Mayor Barkat claimed that if we promote legal building for Arabs in Jerusalem, they will stop building illegally, but the reality proves otherwise. The Jerusalem municipality promoted the construction of 50,000 housing units for Arabs in the capital, which is a much higher figure than what was approved for the Jews, and illegal construction in the Arab sector continues in huge numbers and is becoming an irreversible disaster in Jerusalem."

Regarding the charges against the police, King said that "I am familiar with the allegations made against the police that are not helping to enforce the demolition orders and the stops on building. In a conversation with Minister Erdan and senior commanders in Jerusalem, I was told that the police are ready to assist in everything necessary to uphold court decisions regarding demolition orders for illegal structures."

Finally, King presented the main problem: "There is no transparency. We are currently in a situation where orders are not enforced, and we, the elected officials and Jerusalem residents cannot know what caused the orders not to be implemented."