British Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey with RCP rabbis
British Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey with RCP rabbis Rabbinical Congress for Peace Spokesman

The heads of the Rabbinical Congress for Peace (RCP) Pikuach Nefesh organization, comprised of over four hundred Israeli Rabbis, continues its ongoing dialogue with ambassadors of world powers stationed in Israel. Their goal is to heighten international awareness of the Jewish Law requirement for Israel to maintain control over the entire area of the Holy Land, and they seek as well to change the attitude of the world community to events occurring in the Holy Land.

This week the Rabbis met with British Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey and presented before him the Jewish legal approach to the status of the “territories” as well as an official ruling, signed by the majority of Israeli’s leading Rabbis, stating the concept of “two states for two peoples” is illegitimate in the eyes of Jewish Law and unacceptable to every Israeli Rabbi and legal authority inasmuch as it seeks to legalize a form of national suicide.

UK Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey
UK Ambassador to Israel David Quarrey Flash 90

Mr. Quarrey related he had previously heard about the Rabbinical Congress and read of its work, as well as the Jewish legal position they present. He expressed great interest in hearing the authoritative Jewish approach to resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and the RPC Rabbis explained to him at length how precisely through a strong and unyielding position as Jewish law dictates, peace and regional development could eventually sprout – not only for Israel, but for their Arab neighbors, as well.

Chief Rabbinical Court Justice Emeritus of France and Belgium Rabbi Yermiyahu Cohen, today a Rabbinic judge in Jerusalem and leading RPC member presented historical evidence and findings dating back almost 2,500 years of Jewish presence in the Holy Land. “In light of this evidence, how is it possible to speak of ‘two lands for two peoples’?” he stated. “There isn't one archaeological dig in Israel that doesn't validate the eternal presence of the Jewish people in this land.”

RPC head and Central Tel Aviv Rabb Yosef Gerlitzky explained to the British Ambassador that the RCP's primary goal is to change the direction and approach of current “peace talks”, so that instead of focusing on “how much is Israel willing to give up for the sake of peace,” the country should take a firm stance, as required by Jewish Law for thousands of years, and reject any and all concessions that will lead only to war and further bloodshed. "If peace is to be achieved between Jews and Arabs, Israel must stand strong and not participate in any negotiations that question they ownership over the entirety of the Land of Israel," Gerlitzky said.

Former Gush Katif Rabbi and current Shavei Darom Rabbi Avraham Schreiber was also present at the meeting. He described to Ambassador Quarrey how an incendiary kite landed near his home only a week previously, explaining how the volume of Arab terror operations began precisely after Israel conceded land to its enemies whereas beforehand, Jewish residents of Gush Katif maintained amiable relations with their Arab neighbors.

Rabbinic Congress for Peace General Secretary Rabbi Avraham S. Lewin requested that Mr. Quarrey convey Jewish Law's position to British policymakers: “The British Commonwealth has for years had the merit of supporting the State of Israel. It would be a great pity to lose this merit due to faulty foreign policy.” Rabbi Lewin concluded: “By adopting the rational position of Jewish Law, England can change the direction of international dialogue regarding this most important subject.”