SmotrichFlash 90

MK Betzalel Smotrich (Jewish Home) arrived today at the Lod District Court and was present at the hearing on the release of the minor accused of involvement in the Duma arson.

"The court is just beginning today to rectify a severe injustice, one of the most difficult and severe in the history of the State of Israel - what the State has done to this minor and his family.

"The fact that he's been held for more than two-and-a-half years under worse conditions than given to Hamas terrorists is the result of an ego war of the State Attorney's Office of the Jewish Section of the Shin Bet that brought all its prestige to bear on the minor's and his family's shoulders. The conduct of the Central District Attorney in today's hearing was also scandalous and unprecedented even in hearings involving heavy criminals and criminal families.

"I call upon the Attorney General to intervene at last in this case and stop the witch-hunt that's mortally damaging the very little trust remaining in the law enforcement system."

The Lod District Court decided this morning to release the minor to full house arrest after being held for more than two years and accused of conspiracy to murder and other offenses. Judge Ami Kovo decided the minor would remain in full house arrest under supervision with electronic tracking.

In addition, an order was issued prohibiting him from leaving the country. The release will be delayed until Sunday as the State Prosecutor's Office submitted a request to delay executing the decision and is considering appealing it.