Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu
Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu Reuters

Attorneys Yaakov Weinroth and Yossi Cohen appealed Tuesday to Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit, asking him to re-examine the investigations against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife, Sarah Netanyahu.

"Today it turned out that Roni Ritman, who headed the investigations of the Israeli prime minister and his wife, was biased because he believed that the Netanyahu family initiated the complaint filed against him for sexual harassment," the attorneys wrote.

"This casts a heavy shadow over the investigations conducted against him by the Netanyahu family, and any matter examined by the unit under his leadership regarding the Netanyahu couple is called into question, so we ask that you re-examine the above investigations," the added.

Meanwhile, MK Yoav Kish, chairman of the Interior Committee, announced that a committee discussion will be held on Thursday: "The fear of a conflict of interests following the publication in Haaretz and Ma'ariv of claims by Ritman regarding the complaints against him and their effect on the Netanyahu investigation."

According to MK Kish, "the suspicions arising from the investigations published in Haaretz and Maariv raise difficult questions of conflict of interest and discriminatory treatment of Z. We will examine how the prime minister's investigation took place, when the responsible investigator believed that Netanyahu is running a campaign against him for sexual harassment. "

"I will summon all the relevant bodies and Ritman himself, I hope he will appear," added MK Kish.