Surprise for leftist operative
Surprise for leftist operative Otzmah Yehudit

Yitzhar in Samaria received a phone call from a woman seeking to tour of the Jewish community, asking if there was anyone who could guide her.

The caller ID where the call was received showed the name "Hannah Human Rights" on the phone display. Asked if she had any connection with leftist organizations, the woman responded in the negative.

A brief clarification by Yitzhar residents revealed this was indeed Hannah from Ramat Gan, a leftist operative from MachsomWatch.

A member of Yitzhar's secretariat referred Hannah to Yitzhar resident and Otzmah Yehudit (Jewish Power) Director Tzvi Sukkot, representing him to her as the "tour guide".

When she arrived at Yizhar with a companion, the activists identified with certainty that she was indeed the leftist operative in question and took her for a short tour of Yitzhar.

During the tour she asked them about friction with the surrounding Arabs, Yitzhar's structure and character, and whether they carry out "price tag" retaliatory actions.

At one point, the "guide" told a story of how one Hannah Berg arrived to Har Adar last September and snapped at an IDF fighter, "You're an embarrassment." A short time later, the same IDF fighter was killed in a terrorist attack.

Hannah was stunned by the guide's words, who was none other than the Jewish Power Director. Sukkot politely asked the two to leave Yitzhar. When asked why, Sukkot replied, "Because not only do you dedicate your entire lives to destroying ours, but you have the gall to lie about it to infiltrate our community, and we don't want you here."

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