Incendiary kite production
Incendiary kite production Reuters

The Rabbinical Congress for Peace (RCP), comprised of over 400 rabbis, has issued a statement slamming the government for its complacency in dealing with the incendiary kites attacks launched from Gaza.

“It’s appalling to see how the government repeats the same fatal mistake that's led to so many casualties and victims in the past. Every time we show restraint in dealing with terrorists it doesn't take long before we discover it becomes a stimulant for far worse and increased terror attacks."

Scorched earth kite warfare
Flash 90

Shevei Darom Rabbi Abraham Shreiber spoke of the flaming kite that descended on one of the town's rooftops causing extensive damage this past weekend, and warned of the danger this form of attack represents, in that not only was area agriculture destroyed but by a miracle no one was killed.

“This is exactly what the Jewish Code of Law in Orach Chaim Chapter 329 meant when it ruled 'when intruders seek to enter a Jewish city on the Sabbath even for a minor and trivial reason ("even for affairs of straw and hay" in the Hebrew original)', although the meticulous observance of the Sabbath as a day of rest is one of the most cherished and weighty of all Jewish religious obligations, nevertheless, the Jewish Code of Law rules we are commanded on Sabbath to shoulder arms, enter their territory, and prevent their attack for otherwise the entire land will be easy for them to conquer.”

The rabbis expressed disgust over Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi’s statement “we’re not worried about the burning kites”.

“You should be worried,” said Rabbinical Congress for Peace Chairman Rabbi Joseph Gerlitzky. “Have you forgotten what some Knesset Members said 10 years ago when terrorists fired mortar shells from Gaza that they were only 'scraps of tin' and there’s nothing to worry about? It's time the government follow the Talmudic adage ‘if one comes to slay you, get up early and slay him first’. Burning kites aren't only playing with fire but playing with lives and endangers peace in land,” he said.

Border Policeman dismantles gas-bearing kite launched from Gaza
Flash 90
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