Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu referred at the start of today's Likud faction meeting to the Draft Law expected to be raised later in the day for vote in the first reading at the plenum.

"It's a good and balanced law; I don't deal with headlines, but with results. Israeli citizens must participate in the labor market. We're actually voting for what the army needs," Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu told the assembled about a meeting he held today with Likud activists in Ra'anana, and referred to their support for him and his wife, Sarah: "They've been trampling Sara's image in the media for 20 years.

"Sarah is a wonderful woman, she's an amazing mother, she was an exemplary daughter to her parents, and the media completely ignores all her actions.

"Also what you know, the media hides: How she helps bereaved families, sick children, Holocaust survivors, battered women, and the media hides all this," Netanyahu added.