Natan Meir and Zohar Morgenstern
Natan Meir and Zohar Morgenstern Courtesy of Natan Meir

A daughter was born on Sunday night to Natan Meir and his second wife Zohar Morgenstern.

Meir's first wife Dafna was murdered by an Arab terrorist in January 2016.

In March 2017, Morgenstern and Meir announced their engagement. They were married a few months later in a modest ceremony attended only by their close friends and family.

Though the baby is Morgenstern's first, Meir already has six children, two of whom he and Dafna took as long-term foster children. His eldest daughter, Renana, married in June 2017.

The 15-year-old Muslim terrorist who appeared at the entrance to Meir's home stabbed her repeatedly before escaping home to watch television. He was later arrested, sentenced to 16 years in prison, and ordered to pay a fine of 1.75 million NIS.