Arthur Waskow
Arthur Waskow REUTERS

Six people were arrested in an anti-Trump demonstration in Philadelphia Friday, including one of the founding members of the far-left ‘Jewish Renewal Movement’, 85-year-old Arthur Waskow.

The illegal protest was held in front of the offices of the ICE immigration law enforcement agency in Philadelphia Friday morning.

Demonstrators blocked the entrance to the office in protest of the Trump administration’s decision to adopt a ‘full-enforcement’ policy on the border against illegal immigrant families, a move which initially led to a spike in the number of parents arrested illegally crossing the border. Images of children separated from their parents following the arrests drew criticism from both sides of the aisle, prompting President Trump to sign an executive order ensuring that families be held together, even while maintaining the “zero tolerance” policy.

During the protest, which was organized by a group called “Elders and Friends Standing With Immigrant Children and Their Parents”, Waskow slammed the Trump administration as “criminals”, and called on ICE agents to refuse to deport illegal immigrants found in the US.

Shortly after his speech, Waskow was taken into custody and removed from the protest.