Deri at Western Wall
Deri at Western Wall Flash 90

The vote that was to have taken place today in the government regarding transferring Ministers Shaked and Regev's powers regarding the Western Wall plan was postponed following a request of Minister Aryeh Deri to the Prime Minister.

Deri noted at the cabinet meeting that the Western Wall's sanctity applies to the entire Western Wall's length and called on the Prime Minister to act responsibly on this issue and to consult with the Chief Rabbis of Israel.

Minister Deri added, "We have one place that contains within it all the Jews in the world, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, religious, and secular, and that is the Western Wall. Creating division and strife within the nation on the 17th of Tammuz is a serious blow to the memory of the destruction of the Temple and the unity of the people.

"Just as we have one state, we have one Chief Rabbinate and it is only right to consult seriously regarding the Chief Rabbinate's position on this issue," he said.

The Prime Minister acceded to Deri's request and instructed the Government Secretary immediately upon the end of today's fast to contact the Chief Rabbis of Israel regarding the issue.

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