Uri Ariel plants tree in Gaza envelope
Uri Ariel plants tree in Gaza envelopespokesperson

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel toured the Gaza envelope on Sunday and visited the towns of Netiv Ha'asara, Sa'ad, Kissufim, Tzohar and Ofakim.

During his visit, the minister planted trees in Netiv Ha'asara in Kissufim in response to the many fires in the area that erupted as a result of the burning of the Arabs of the Gaza Strip. The tree in Kissufim was planted at the spot where a mortar shell had struck recently.

Later, the Minister met with firefighting teams and praised their work.

"Here are the pioneers of 2018. I came here to salute them," said Ariel during his visit to the Gaza envelope. "We toured the area together with the farmers, and we will help them in every way possible. As minister in charge of the Settlement Division, I am planning to strengthen the settlements and we know that there is a great demand from many families to move to the area."

"We are in the struggle against terror. With this terror there is one way to fight those who fly kites and shoot to hurt. We can not continue playing with Sammy The Firefighter (an Israeli cartoon character). That's not our job. Our job is to continue to cultivate the land, harvest the fruit and grow the flowers," stressed Minister Ariel.