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IDF tank (archive) Flash 90

IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot presented the findings of an investigation into the circumstances of the operational accident in which the late Sgt. Eliyahu Drori was killed.

Drori was killed during a routine military operation near the Egyptian border in April when a shell exploded inside his tank. Three other soldiers were wounded in the accident.

The investigation found that the accident was caused by the tank's deviation from its planned route. When the crew attempted to rotate the turret to prevent the tank from sliding into a stream, a fire broke out in the tank turret as a result of the insertion of an object into the path of the turret's rotation.

The chief of staff accepted the recommendations of the team, headed by Brig. Gen. Yair Or, head of Armored Corps, and instructed to assimilate the lessons of the event in the command courses in order to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents.

The IDF stated that many of the lessons learned from the expert's research have been implemented he relevant units and frameworks, including the sharpening of procedures involving tanks and how to operate it while moving in different lighting conditions. In addition, a joint examination will be carried out for the optimal use of fire extinguishing and fire safety equipment.

The relevant bodies are working to find solutions to protect the tank crew from falling and being struck (including protecting them from the inside of the tank, not just from the outside). In addition, it was decided that a process would begin in the area's command posts to establish a clear guidance regarding lighting of the vehicle during operational employment.

It was also decided that tank crews would be trained on how to escape from a tank, including when the tank has caught fire.

The operational lessons learned from the event will be incorporated into the IDF in all frameworks and training.