Rioters in Gaza near Israeli fence
Rioters in Gaza near Israeli fence Abed Rahim Khatib/ Flash90

Israeli forces opened fire on Arab terrorists operating out of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip Sunday afternoon, after the terrorists attempted to launch incendiary balloons towards Israeli territory.

The incident occurred in the southern Gaza Strip near the Israeli border, an Israeli military spokesperson said Sunday.

After Israeli forces spotted the terrorists attempting to launch the balloon bombs, an IDF aircraft opened fire on a vehicle used by the terror cell.

“An IDF aircraft targeted a vehicle used by a group of Palestinians who attempted to launch arson balloons from the southern Gaza Strip into Israeli territory,” the spokesperson said.

There are no reports as of yet regarding casualties.

In recent weeks, terrorists in the Hamas-ruled enclave have launched thousands of incendiary and makeshift explosive devices attached to kites and balloons, using them to drop the weapons into Israeli territory.

The attacks have caused millions of shekels in damage to Israelis living near the border, and have struck private homes.

The recent wave of attacks began during the so-called “March of Return” – a series of riots and violent attempted infiltrations across the Israeli border which began on March 30th. Tens of thousands of rioters gathered along the Israeli border during a series of violent demonstrations over the course of six weeks, clashing with Israeli security personnel and attempting to breach the border fence.

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