During the recent Al-Quds Day rally in London, a Muslim cleric warned Israelis that the “resistance” will come and “wipe Israel off the map”.

A vide of the inciting comments, by Sheikh Mohammad Saeed Bahmanpour of the Islamic Centre of England, was initially posted on social media by the Ahlebait TV network and posted to YouTube by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

"My message to the Jewish people of Palestine is that the British government, several decades ago, and in America, used you to wipe Palestine off the map. And you can make sure that the resistance will come and free Palestine and wipe Israel off the map,” said Bahmanpour.

“But they don't wipe it off the map by genocide, by shedding blood, by killing children, by ethnic cleansing. They do it honorably. They don't fight the civilians; they fight an army, which armed up to the teeth by America, by Britain, and by all forces, great forces, in the West. We will do that, and you will see it,” he continued.

"My message to the Zionist bunch, who are occupying Palestine, your days are numbered, either you go yourself or we will try, we will drive you away. We will kick you out of Palestine, that is a promise. I may be old, and I may not see that day, but I promise the young people who are here, you will one day see that day and you will march into Al-Quds," vowed Bahmanpour.

Hezbollah flags were flown at the Al-Quds day rally in London, marking the second year in a row that this has taken place.

The protesters take advantage of a loophole in the British law which blacklists only Hezbollah’s “military wing” and not its so-called “political wing”, thus allowing the flag to be raised at rallies.

Al-Quds Day is an annual event created by Iran's first Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khomenei. During Al-Quds Day, rallies are held around the world and are used to incite against Israelis and Jews.