Rocket attacks
Rocket attacks Nati Shohat/Flash 90

A series of “Red Alert” incoming rocket sirens were heard early Monday morning in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council and in the Ashkelon industrial zone.

The IDF said three rockets were launched towards Israeli territory. At least one of them missed its mark and exploded within Gaza.

On Sunday afternoon, an IDF aircraft fired shots near a group of Palestinians who were launching arson balloons in southern Gaza.

In addition, an IDF aircraft also targeted infrastructure from which the group had been operating, as well as a vehicle they had been using.

Later on Sunday, two incendiary balloons launched from Gaza landed in in an Israeli town near the border, damaging a home. Police sappers were dispatched to remove the devices.

Early on Sunday morning, an IDF aircraft targeted the vehicle of one of the leaders of the squads that launched arson and explosive balloons and kites from the northern Gaza Strip.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said the strike was in response to the series of arson and explosive kites and balloons that have been launched into Israel.