Tamar Zandberg
Tamar Zandberg Elior Cohen/TPS

The left-wing Meretz party slammed the Ministerial Committee for Legislation's decision to approve MK Robert Ilatov's (Yisrael Beytenu) bill forbidding the photographing of IDF soldiers in the course of their duties.

Meretz leader MK Tamar Zandberg responded to the decision Sunday, saying: "It is not clear where the Knesset is going to put the country down for low spins and a few headlines. This bill threatens to drag Israel down just to deal with a few human rights organizations. If there is a problem with the reality that the occupation creates, we must try to change it and not try to hide it."

"If the government is so eager to take care of IDF soldiers, maybe it would be worthwhile to start dealing settlers who dismantle IDF vehicles, injure policemen and throw stones at soldiers. Just today, 11 soldiers were hurt when rocks, bleach and other objects that were thrown at them," Zandberg said. "To date, three young men have been arrested for similar attacks in Netiv Ha'avot, and so far, every such action by the settlers has been met with the embarrassing and harsh silence of all the ministers and Knesset members on the right who are only looking for headlines."

MK Ilan Gilon, chairman of the Meretz faction, joined the attack: "The bill that prohibits the documentation of soldiers is a continuation of the government's policy of ostracism in all fields. Instead of preventing the unacceptable phenomena, drawing conclusions and sharpening procedures, the coalition chooses to promote an anti-constitutional and anti-democratic bill which is contrary to the opinion of the attorney general."

"IDF soldiers are our children and we all support them and love them, but when dealing with unacceptable phenomena we must fight bravely and without cover and concealment," he added.

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