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According to The Conservative Review's Jordan Schachtel, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has exhibited a "disturbing pattern" of suspicion directed against Israel over the years – which continues to this day.

"The special counsel has become obsessed with the state of Israel," wrote Schachtel. "The former FBI director is deeply suspicious, to the point of total paranoia, that there is a grand conspiracy involving the Trump campaign and transition officials as potential agents for the Israelis".

The analysis points to the Daily Caller's report, which alleged that Mueller coerced Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos to plead guilty to lesser charges, by threatening that him with prosecution as an Israeli spy. However, it says, there isn't really much public evidence to suggest that Papadopoulos has any meaningful ties to Israel.

The article lists previous cases in which Mueller's bias on Israel allegedly made itself apparent:

Mueller charged Gen. Michael Flynn with misleading the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador about a UN anti-Israel resolution in December of 2016. "Although the mainstream media and the Left accused him of breaching protocol, a transition team reaching out to world powers prior to entering office is not illegal or unusual. In fact, it’s a standard, smart practice," notes Schachtel. Meanwhile, "evidence has emerged that Flynn did not in fact mislead the FBI about his conversations."

According to reports, Mueller also scrutinized efforts made by Jared Kushner to combat the anti-Israel UN resolution during the presidential transition period. "Just as Gen. Flynn had every right to defend Israel, so did Kushner," according to the Consevative Review. "Yet Mueller’s team seemingly carried on for months with a dedicated effort to examining Kushner’s Israeli ties."

When he was FBI director, in 2004, the FBI alleged that a massive Israeli spy ring was operating out of the Pentagon. "Yet it later turned out that the allegations were completely bogus," writes Schachtel. "There was no Israeli spy ring, but rather, what appeared to be a deliberate attempt to target Jews for prosecution."

Last month, Mueller sent a team of investigators to Israel in an attempt to verify allegations that Israeli social media and consulting firms colluded with the president to secure his victory. The companies have denied that they ever worked with the Trump campaign, either in an official or unofficial capacity.