Psychologist Jordan Peterson, whose book "12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos" is an Amazon bestseller, explained in a video the importance of children having parents of both genders present in their lives.

When asked for his opinion regarding homosexuals raising children, Peterson said "

"The question is, well how would you raise them? If you're both of the same sex, then you're going to have the problem of how to provide the proper model... Kids in intact, heterosexual families, where the father is present, do way better on multiple indices, than kids who are part of single-parent families. Now that doesn't mean there are no single parents who do a good job... Those are different claims," he emphasized.

"On average, not only do kids where fathers are present do better, but societies, or even local societies, where there are more fathers present, do better not only for the kids that they're fathering but the kids in the neighborhoods where there are lots of intact families with fathers do better. And so I believe quiet firmly that the nuclear family is the smallest viable human unit: father, mother, child. Smallest viable unit. And if you fragment it below that then you end up paying.

"That doesn't mean that there are aren't ways that you can operate in a smaller unit or a different unit effectively. But you have to contend with the fact that it's necessary for kids to have models for both sexes. And that means accepting that the sexes are different, even though there's a fair overlap between them, accepting that they're different and that both sexes play their role."

Peterson also quoted a conversation he had had with author Warren Farrell.

"Farrel told me that fathers use the joy of possibility of play as a scaffold to help children learn to delay gratification. So imagine a father spends a bunch of time playing with his kids, and they're having a great old time, they're wrestling around and pushing each others' limits to find out where they are, and learning the physiological dance that goes along with direct contact...learning what hurts and what doesn't, learning what constitutes fair play and what isn't, how everybody can play and still enjoy the game, and how excited you can get before it's too much, how much you should whine and how much you shouldn't, and when you can object to being hurt - all of that, at a deeply embodied level. Kids love that, they'll line up for that.

"If you don't let juvenile male rats play, then their prefrontal cortexes don't develop and they get Attention Deficit Disorder, or the equivalent in rats, and then you can treat that with Ritalin.

"If you're gay, let's say, there's two men or two women, then you have the problem of what you're going to do for the contra sexual target. And you can say, 'Well it doesn't matter because there's no differences between men and women, and avoid your moral responsibility. Or you can face it squarely and say, look, you've decided to step outside of the cultural norm and organize a nonstandard relationship, which puts a tremendous responsibility on you. And then you have to figure out how you can provide for your children what it is that they would get in the classic minimal human unit.

"There are biological differences between men and women. To deny that is reprehensible in my estimation. And besides, the empirical data and the scientific data are crystal-clear."