Arutz Sheva spoke with Intel VP and General Manager of product marketing for mobile and PCs, Ran Senderovitz, during the Computex 2018 exhibition in Taiwan.

Senderovitz described a new product that Intel is presenting at the exhibition - which is being designed in Israel.

"We announced the new eighth generation processors that are being designed in Israel and bring new performance, not only in terms of processing capacity, but in the speed of their access to the network. We have integrated into wireless network processors at a rate of one gigabyte per second, and that’s 12 times faster than computers that came out four years ago.”

Senderovitz noted the importance that Intel places on Israel.

"On Independence Day, you saw the contribution and recognition of Intel in Israel, in the charming drone show. That was a symbol of Israel's importance to Intel. The most advanced technologies are developed in Israel and the number of innovations that came from it and were presented at the exhibition is unprecedented. We are proud of the innovation we have brought in the past and continue in the same way."